Is online dating my only hope?

It seems to be the only way for people my age to meet... Does it really happen when ur not looking for it? do i have to try Internet dating sites?

I'm a 29 year old single woman and I'm depressed at the thought of never finding love or having babies.

It's hard to meet people at our age... I hate online dating... But is this the only way to find the love of my life?

Am I already too old? All my friends are married and having kids now.., if I'm not doing it now will I never? How come I have to sit around and watch everyone else be happy? Will romance ever come my way?


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  • I had married a man from Egypt a few years back who found me on Facebook here, dear. I ended up going over to Egypt and tying the knot and from there, On and Off, have pursued an Online marriage and Off of course, as I wait to see if I will return to him.
    It's Not the Only Option but it is Easier than going out and about, looking and lurking in many times all of the wrong places.
    From the comfort of your own living room, you can Find Zillions of Profiles who just might be your type and Type all nite and chat as well, and if it doesn't suite your fancy, Try and try again tomorrow.
    Never too old to find love or a man.
    Good luck. xx

  • Please just join something so that you can post excessively about something new or find a therapist.


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