Is she probably still interested, or bad at telling me she isnt?

When asking for meetup/date at the weekend she told me that she has to study much. I basically asked if there's a chance or better not. She said smthing along like this: rather another weekend, she'll write to me short. Already met her 1(2.. ) times, both went really good and she even told me we have to absolutely meet again. For our 2nd meetup she also told me first that she is busy & some days later she hit me up and asked for a date.

Is this a bad explanation of she's not interested, or is she still interested and i'm just a fucking idiot right now? I don't know her for a long time, some month actually.

, im fucking thoughtful, but chill in person...


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  • I think she's stringing you along. She's saying enough to keep you around but she interested in spending time with you at all

    • Sorry. Do you mean she is NOT interested at all at spending time with me? If yes, you missed the not. Im not that good at English :/

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    • Yeah sorry, not interested

    • ok^^ got it. i mean there's still the chance that she really just meant another weekend and shell write me, like for the second date^^ it just feels weird this time :P i'll probs hit her up next week and ask her what she's up to, probs get the answer thast she isn't interested and then go on. ^^ it just feels wrong because i know she enjoyed :P

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