Have you ever had a guy/girl be a jerk to you after you rejected them?

There was someone I worked with. He aked me out and I rejected him because I don't like dating coworkers. He became so rude and mean after that. He didn't give me the chance to explain myself. I wasn't a bitch when I rejected him. Ever since that time he has been acting like a dick. I ignored him for the most part. Today was my last day. He said "You are finally leaving. What a relief," He was quite serious. I was so shocked. I couldn't understand what I had done to deserve such a reaction. Don't women have the right to choose who to be with? smh. Wanna share your tale of woe? :/ :/ :/
I found out he had a fiance living abroad when he asked me out. He tried forcing a kiss on me one afternoon when it was just him and me at the office. Smh.


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  • Yeah it happens its hard to get rejected by someone you liked.

  • No I haven't

  • I would say that to every single female I've worked with. Seriously, there was a reason we never let you out of the house.

    • Smh. Then you are a loser. Real men are confident and take rejection like a man.

    • Real men don't approach women.

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