He wants to get to know me?

I really liked this guy for a while and I decided I wanted to do something about it so I asked him to come to a party with me, he said yes, gave me his number and ever since then we've been hanging out.

Usually when we hang out we're either drunk at a party or stoned on his couch and we wind up hooking up... every time.

Yesterday when we hung out he was reluctant to have sex for a while... but he caved after a few minutes. I didn't really think anything of it but then today he told me that he wants to hang out sober: sober and no sex.

Why? The guys I want to have something real with always just want to get me drunk and take me back home with them and then when I finally find a guy I want to just get inebriated with and have sex with wants to get to know me... sober?

This doesn't necessarily mean he has feelings for me though, right? Because I don't want to lead him on... Could it be something else?


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  • Sounds like this person wants something more than what you guys are already doing. You can't base a relationship off getting drunk and getting stoned together. Just like you can't base a lasting relationship with just sex alone. You should let him know now that's not really what you are looking for and from the sounds of it it's not.

    And why do you want to get drunk and high with a guy and have sex with him? Don't you think you deserve something better and more meaningful than that? This is just a hunch but let me guess, are all your previous relationship have all been like that and it's what you're used to/comfortable with?


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