Have you ever broken up with someone for someone else? What did the other person have to offer that your current significant other did not?

I didn't but I considered it once or twice. My ex wasn't being faithful and something told me to leave him for this guy who would treat me right. Yet, I felt trapped and stayed with the cheater instead. I knew I made a mistake, but I felt that it would look bad to leave one for the other. In a weird way, I'd feel like a cheater.
  • No, but I considered it.
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  • Yes, I broke up with someone for someone else.
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  • Every day I regret that I gave up a good man/woman for a piece of ass.
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  • Break up with someone for someone else? No way! Thats what cheating is for: The best of Both Worlds 😜
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  • No, I could never. I wouldn't even consider it.
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  • I want/wanted to, but I feel/felt trapped.
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  • Instead, someone broke up with ME, for someone else.
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I need reasoning!!!
Lol my question got rated "great" but no ones even replied haha


Most Helpful Guy

  • Technically that IS what cheating is for, but one could argue that it is not the most optimal way of handling the situation...

    The difficult part about that of course is actually finding a second person to break up for. If the relationship really is on the verge of decay, it may even fall apart BEFORE you find the alternative person to replace the current partner with.

    Possible causes could be communication problems, emotional immaturity, sexual incompatibility, etc.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I broke up with a previous boyfriend for someone (we didn't go straight in to a relationship after the break up). The second person just understood me and connected with me so much more, there was compatibility. There was a lot of bad history with the boyfriend I left, he'd cheated a couple of times but kept pleading that it was a mistake so when someone else who was honest and genuine came along although I felt harsh I knew it was the right decision to leave.

    I'd been dumped by someone for someone else, one of his friends asked him why and the guys response was "the new girlfriend was hotter". Ouch.


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What Guys Said 6

  • No. I'd easily take the oppurtunity to be single for a while after a breakup. Enjoying being single right now.

  • 1. Vote 'B' yes I've done it in my teens
    2. My girlfriend was someone who was actually forced upon me by my friends simply because she was attracted to me and at that brief moment I was single so these girls capitalized on that opportune moment to brainwash me which I wasn't actually but I gave in to their pressure nevertheless - bad decision I agree
    3. The girl I went with was one of her friends (sadly) and we lasted a good 5 odd years and broke up with her for the same reason I generally do, insecurity related actions

    • Wow You sound like my ex. If you werent 44, I'd think this was him according to 1-3

    • We all have our moments of glory and gory, young lady. I intended something good but at that age with inexperience I thought I was some kind of a god who could seamlessly execute what I want. I never intended hurting anyone but my mistake was succumbing to pressure from friends cause my interpretation of friendship then was more emotional than rational :)

  • No i never did that stuff

  • I broke up with a girl who didn't want to have sex before marriage, for a girl who was willing to have sex.

    I broke up with a girl who was too needy for a girl who was a free spirit. Because I got tired of feeling like a parent.

    Technically (and I think this is true of many males) we don't leave one ship unless there is another waiting. We don't like to write ourselves out of the potential of sex.

    Girls can pretty much pick and choose when and who they can have sex with and therefore are more likely to leave a relationship and be single.

    • Well, unless the "ship" is sinking at such a rapid rate or is so much underwater that it's easier to just leave and go on foot.

  • Anybody who answered yes are cheaters.
    Usually you find that habit more often amongst girls because they prefer to avoid risks. So it's safer to chase another guy while having a boyfriend. Less risky but also less moral. But they don't care about moral. Only their feelings matter...

  • The only way I see this happening is when the first person is a rebound or maybe a person the guy/girl didn't like as much kept around to not be alone. Then comes along a person they really like and bam they end up leaving. not cool but a lot of people do this


What Girls Said 1

  • I've never done that but if I were ever in that position, I absolutely would


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