Why would a guy friend say he misses you?

So basically I thought my guy friend liked me, and when I asked him he said all this stuff like "talking to you is always the highlight of my day" but that he wasn't looking for a serious relationship. I was disappointed but I said ok fine, let's just be friends. We hung out again for the 1st time since that awkward conversation & during dinner he was like, lookingat me adoringly.. he also insisted on paying for dinner (which he never does). Afterwards he texted he had a nice time and that he'd "miss me a lot when I'm gone" (I'm going out of town for 2 weeks). I was kinda surprised (none of my guy friends ever say they'll miss me?).. I feel kinda weird so i haven't texted anything back yet haha..


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  • Maybe he genuinely misses you. Guys don't over complicate things like us chicks


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