Girls, is this just a subtle/nice way to blow a guy off?

I'm just going to assume this was a subtle way of blowing me off based on past experience. Therefore I tossed the number and decided I'll just talk to other women in my class instead of her.

In person:
-I tell her to walk with me because I have something for her. I gave her some candy and she saw awww and gave me a hug
Me: I think you're really cute and I enjoy talking to you. I'd like to take you out sometime.
Her: Yeah, I'll go out with you
Me: Alright cool, when are you free
Her: Well I have school and work on weekdays, Friday night I have plans with my girl friend, Probably Saturday, I'll let you know
-We talk for about 5 minutes and hug again and then part ways

In person: (a few days later)
-We were standing outside at break and I told her walk with me. So she starts walking with me and this is what happens:
Me: small talk
Her: small talk
Me: You have your hair down for once
Her: I know I always have it up
Me: Yeah you should put it down more often, I like it, it looks good
Her: Thank you
Me: So I'm taking you out Saturday at 6 pm, it'll be chill
Her: Can I say something
Me: What
Her: I'm seriously not blowing you off but I've flaked on so many people, I have to hang out with them this weekend. I'm not even going to a party for one of my friends whos going away. Can I just let you know.
Me: Alright for sure
Her: What was that girls name again who sits next to you?
Me: Melissa
Her: She's cute
Me: *changes subject*


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  • She's either:
    -Blowing you off, she said "I'm seriously not blowing you " then why would she mention it? And she even talked about another girl.. and said she was cute --> trying to change your mind to take her out I guess?
    -Really busy and testing your responses.

    Either way I wouldn't get my hopes up on this one as you said. It sounds like she liked the attention for the first few days. Yet now that it gets really serious she just chickens out and be like: nope not me.

    Though that's just my feeling. If you want give it a chance and ask her one more time. If she refuses then too then gtfo and find a much better girl.

    Good luck!

    by the way.. sorry if this got posted like 4 times ( don't think it did )



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