Why has he not texted?

OK I really need help on this one.

i worked with this guy for 2 years.. and there was chemistry between us. I finally got the balls to tell him I liked him and he said it was mutual and that we should see how it goes...so we met up a few times... and nothing happened.. so I thought it never was.

then a week or 2 ago we got really drunk talked about the whole things he said that he liked me wanted me...blah and he asked to stay at mine a few days before cause he doesn't live in the same town.,.. we ended up sleeping together. ... and I thought that it mite mean something...

now 2 weeks on and I haven't heard a peep from him. What's going on? we're meant to be best friends have been for 2 years. Have I ruined everything?

Please I really would appreciate any advice / opinions on this.


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  • Wow two weeks? Maybe you might want to call him up and see if he's in trouble. *hint hint*

    I really can't say what's going on there, but you seem to know him pretty good.


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  • Girl. It's over. What do you want the guy to say? Stop chasing him.

  • I'd say he lost interest in you. Two weeks without any word from him is such a long time.

    • It's not that that bothers me. Its that he is my best friend.

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