Wow be real honest?

Long story short

My girlfriend broke up with me. 6 months i didn't hear from her or seen her. I started doing my thing. I dated and slept around because i was single. My girlfriend radomly hits me up for lunch one day. I go and we talked. I then told her that i slept around and she got mad. Now she really doesn't want me back. I love being honest mind you and i expect people to be honest with me. Well the last time we talked she threaten me she was going to get the cops on me if i tried reaching her ever again. I haven't her hit up since then. It's now been months and to be honest i'm going crazy i miss her a ton.

What should i do? also keep in mind i was close to her family meaning i still talk to them. I think i should let destiny play it's part.


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  • I.. Err.. Hmm she doesn't want you back. Let's face it man. After you were being honest, the truth probably killed her making her mad and she probably doesn't want anything to do with you anymore

  • are u not liking the answers that ur getting? or r u not getting any at all?


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