How to get a guy to talk to me again?

Things to note

I've been majorly sexually attracted to him for three years.

he likes to block

He won't talk to me

he's so inexperienced he's almost a Virgin

We were supposed to have sex like 100 times but I kept freaking out and was way nervous so he's probably annoyed haven't seen eachother for three years

Nothing to do with dating

I really want him

No advice is too big or too little


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  • A relationship is something you look up to each day. The feeling is so awesome that you feel so good. Having someone escalates you mentally and emotionally. Being in love keeps you motivated every day.

    If a relation has to end, this is where the agony starts. The common question is will there be a chance to be with her again. You may ask yourself, "How can I get my boyfriend back?" Millions of people are in this situation encountering the same degree of pain because of the break up.

    The true way is to analyse what happened and what ends the love. Check out the mistakes both of you committed, especially your mistakes.

    Take actions and do something about the situation. It is important that you know the reason for the break up and the cause of the failure. Consider the cause of the break up and you can come up with solutions for the next move.

    Do not annoy him by calling or texting him always and let him evaluate the problem. Do not be the shadow of your ex boyfriend. Give him a break and let him come up with a decision beneficial to both of you.

    Good luck.


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