Im not really sure what to think of this guy?

We are both in college, however, he does touring for his music (singer songwriter stuff) so isn't in the city all the time. Last spring is when we met, and he was super sweet and we kissed and etc but nothing really else.

During the summer he texted me wanting to see how I was/wanting to get together and see eachother when we were both back in town in the fall for classes. We made plans, I saw him last night. It was really nice, we ate lunch after my classes and then went to his house to watch Netflix. We kissed again pretty intensly and all of the feelings I had for him in the spring rushed back. I had meetings at 8PM and he had to meet friends (it was his last night here for a few weeks) he asked me if I would want to come back to his house after my meeting and his friends to cuddle and sleepover. I said I was pretty tired but I would. He picked me up after and we went back and kissed a lot but then just went to sleep.

I am confused so confused though because last spring he said he wasn't in the right place for a relationship... which is why i distanced myself. This time around he was talking about making weekend plans and bringing me to his studio, and meeting his family, and was just being sweet like opening the car door everytime we got in or out of the car and leaving me with a kiss on the hand. Im just so confused and I dont know if he is just a really suave and smooth kind of guy...


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  • Ask him that are you in for a relationship cuz I dont want to get my heart broken.

  • he's playing you!

    • I have the gut instinct of that too... I think I'm trying to convince myself otherwise but i think you're right...

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