Have you ever claimed you would never date a single mom?

Then you met one that would made you think you would make an excellent step-father? That just happened to me. I met a single mom at my college who is 27. She is seriously smoking hot to me. She told me her baby daddy took off when she was pregnant. Her daughter is one year old. She does want a boyfriend because she hasn't dated in over a year. What should I do?


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  • Give her a shot.

    It will take a while before you are introduced into her child's life.
    See how things work out with her and if you're willing to be a father role eventually..
    Those that are great always deserve to be exceptions to the rule.

    • From what I know so far is that she is a good woman.

    • I think you should go with that , take time to figure her out. If your relationship progressed into a long term one then you should definitely consider father role. But right now , take things slow

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  • I used to think that I would never way back but I ended up marrying one with two kids


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  • I think i nvr will unless im old and divorce or have ma pure body taken from meh Dx

  • Anything can happen so, I would never claim such thing


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