Why can't I hang out with his friends?

I've been dating this guy for 2 years...I've meet his friends but he doesn't invite me to hangout w them even when I ask. It took me 4 months to even meet his parents

1. I'm his first long term girlfriend

2. one of his friends called me hot

so why wouldn't he let me hangout w them?!


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  • "one of his friends called me hott"

    May this is why. He knows his friends enough to know that he is exposing this relationship to danger should he allow his friends to set eyes on you.

    Of course, the kind of friends one chooses tells a lot about oneself too. Your gut feelings are spot on, something is wrong here; not just his friends...but him too, fishes mingles with fishes, birds with birds ...

  • Various possibilities IMO:

    -He is embarrassed of them

    -If one of them called you hot, he might be insecure

    -It might just not be the done thing in his friendship group to introduce girlfriends like that? Just hanging out with you might be weird for them, but if you all go to the same party or something it would make sense?

    Hope that helped a bit :/


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