Girls, weird question, but would it be weird to tell you that I make music?

simple enough question, but let me explain..
i make music, since im single its my one and only passion and always has been.
I know that lots of posers, that dont care about music, just want to be producers/djs/whatever, because its relatively easy (er, compared to some years ago) to do it, and they just do it to impress some girls. maybe for the lifestyle and all the good stuff, but it all comes down to impressing and scoring girls, it feels.
and, in a way, that is why i dont want to mention it to a girl, because i think, that she'll think that i just want to show off. but i also feel that since i have so much passion for this and its such a big part of me, if i dont tell it, i end up looking a super boring person with no interests or goals what so ever, which makes me want to tell it.
but i just can't get over the fact that i might end up looking like a poser lol, so i end never bringing it up.
by the way, im talking about texting with girls, in the very early stages of getting to know each other..
so girls, what would you think if a guy told you that about him?

all this text for this simple ass question!! i really do care about my music making:)


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What Girls Said 2

  • Keep going for music.

  • not weird at all!


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