Is this normal for bf/gf or not?

Ok my boyfriend and I study abroad for university. We met abroad as friends and then started dating. We both have our own apartments but since we started dating we have never been apart, we either stay at his place or mine. He has always claimed to be a romantic. As we spend most days together we eat all our meals together. Is it weird that he never pays? I mean i would never expect him to pay all the time especialy because we eat together all the time so that would be crazy. But we don't do date nights or anythign and if we do go out to a nice place we always split the bill. we went on one date that he paid for before we became boyfriend girlfriend and another one for valentines day. That was it. Is it weird that he's never even wanted to pay once since then? Or am i just being selfish? If we went to see a movie or get takeaway everything is always split. i dont expect a lot but something maybe that shows that we are a couple? I feel embarassed at the movies when i have to pay for my own ticket (when its super cheap anyway like $5)
I probably forgot to mention that i have bought us numerous meals on occasion when i felt like it. But he hasn't done that. And no he is not low on money he has a lot more money than i do.


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  • It does seem a bit selfish from your part. I understand that men are expected to pay for his mate out of "gentlemen-ness", but really, you shouldn't expect him to pay, because it'll seem like you're using him. He does seem a bit greedy, but he may also be low on money, and can't be spending money left and right like you would like him to. Splitting the bill does not sound bad to me at all, a relationship is a 2 person deal. So why not pay together? But cheap bills like you mentioned, $5, that's something he shouldn't hesitate to pay on his own.


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  • not normal.