Love-hate relationship? What is happening here?

So, there's this guy that I've known for like a year now and I could say that I've developed some feelings for him. But things happened that ruined a lot of things.
Long story short, he had a girlfriend and he cheated on her with me. (I know it was wrong) now she left him and his mom hates my guts and labeled me as a relationship wrecker and a whore. She hasn't even met me so...
this year, right after the first week of school, he texts me that he needed to talk to me.
while we were talking, he mentions that he still had feelings for me. And when the conversation was over, he kissed me.
A month later, He found out that a friend of his had a crush on me and he got jealous. It bothered him but then out of the blue, he stars blaming me for everything that happened to him. As far as I'm concerned, it was both our faults.
He told me that I somehow "cheated" on him when we never dated. I didn't have a boyfriend when all of this happened. I was single and focused on him.
That I "played" with his feelings. And that I wasn't serious dating material. Honestly, I'm not the type of girl that flirts with other guys while I'm in a relationship. I actually am loyal, supportive to my boyfriend. That I was an "easy" girl. And that I was more like an adventure. His self esteem hit rock bottom and he even accused me for talking about what happened between us last year. When I actually didn't. why would I talk about the intimacy between him and me? Especially in school! Idon't want drama so, why would I talk anyways
He told my friend that he wanted t forget about his feelings for me and he even d her that they could go and do whatever she wanted. I want to forget because this is too much. I want to mend this but I don't know how.
Guys, what is an "easy" girl for you? And what would you do to mend this?
Girls, what would you do if you had this situation?
Should I forget or try to work it ou? What is happening?


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  • just forget it.


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