How do you feel when people cancel dates at the last minute?

This guy asked me out for tonight. I work a little bit later than the typical 8-5 so we were going to see a movie at 10:15 - this was his suggestion. Then he canceled minutes to 10 stating he was too tired. This would have been our second date. He claims he will make it up to me but should I even bother to give him another chance or maybe he's just not that interested?


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  • Unless he lives next door to the movie theatre, that's horseshit: he would have known a lot sooner he wasn't going to bother and sent you that lame excuse at the last minute. I wouldn't waste any more time on him.


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  • This is always me with men.

    ie: I cancel because I have over committed myself and my time but DO give
    them a good days notice.


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  • I hate that!


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