How does a girl escape the friend zone?

So basically I became friends with this guy through other friends. The big problem is that I gave him love advice last year when we weren't very good friends He is VERY flirty! He flirts with everyone, so it really confuses me. He always waves at me when he sees me and says "I love you" (bad sign right?) He has a great sense of humor, but usually it's very sardonic with plenty of inappropriate words. He doesn't use that kind of humor on me. He isn't a stylized flirt. He's a "nerd." I know he told me last year that he likes lots of girls not just one. How do I get him to like me and not just think of me as a friend?


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  • 3 words "use the boobs"

    • I think he is more of a butt person.

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    • that will make him think of you in a sexual way I suggest doing it in person since pics can get you in trouble try it and see how it goess

    • Lol ok

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  • Guys friend zones are strange, they should really be called "not dating at the moment zones". Anyway... how to get him to want you, it isn't going to work. You are serious, he is a flirt. Just hold out for a man who isn't afraid to make his choice and wants to show you to the world, not add you to his fan club. Probably not what you were looking for, but that is my advice. There are better guys out there and you are worth more than a flirt will give.

    • Tbh I don't want the recognition. I just want to make out occasionally.

    • Well, I guess the others gave better advice if all you want is a make out.

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  • Flirt a lot!

    • How do you flirt well?

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