Do normal guys usually offer to buy a hotel room for friend/ friend with benefits?

Obviously to sleep with me but i dont feel like a normal giy would go through with that much trouble. Or spend money like that.
He asked me "If i got a hotel room for us would you be down and go?" I said well lol im not some kind of prositute. He said no i dont mean like that there will be no roomates.

He lives in his own house with roomate and i live at home cause college fincially so we can't do it here.

We flirt a lot and he said he doesn't want to date anyone right now but to me he said
"Lets ride it out see where we go"
Help me decode situation
Could he be wanting more?

Im 24 he's 25


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  • if the girl is worth it and you really want to fuck her that badly then yes, pay for the room, but no... it doesn't really mean its for more than that, it just means he has some money , there is a slightly higher chance he might be interested but... honestly it's normal


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  • It's more normal for a guy to just have you over at his place to do the deed, regardless of whether he has roommates or not (it'd be different if he were still living with his parents). I'm guessing he has money to blow if he wants to pay for a night in a hotel. Maybe he wants it to be discreet, too.

    I wouldn't expect anything real to come out of this. Sounds like he literally just wants sex.

    • Well I mean he invites me to his house a lot to hang out but I don't know if its to hang out hang out or "Hangout"

    • Would a guy say "Let's ride it and see what happens " meaning about us being more than this. Cuz I joked about when he wants note it prob won't be with me then he said tht

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  • Nah, just sounds like he just wants sex without his room mate being around or something. Maybe his room mate has someone over as well and called dibs on the house hence why his going through the effort to get a hotel. Do you usually stay over the night aswell? Maybe that can be applied to this scenario aswell.

    If he shows signs of interest, there may be more. Some people will flirt with no intention.

    • How can I know which is witch? Like signs he wants more vs. Just flirting

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    • Have you guys always done it back at the place? Even though his room mate is there or not? Just ask him "why on a hotel for?"

    • Yes, and okay any suggestions on how to ask/ word

  • A lot of guys would pay for a room so they could fuck

    it doesn't sound like he wants more than just sex


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