My best friend since childhood is in love with a guy who treats her terribly?

My friend has been going out with this guy for 1 year. Ever since she met him she's been absolutely in love with him. But she's become so in love with him that she became really in denial.. while she was dating this guy for a few months secretly, he was a huge player who went out with 3 other girls at the same time. They broke up.. and got back together. He dropped all those girls for her. He made their relationship public. He claims he loves her and wants to marry her in the near future.. but here's the twist. He cheats on her every. Single. Day. Every couple weeks my friend is getting into a fight with a new girl because he cheated on her with that girl. And for some dumb reason she always gets him back even when she knows it's just gonna be the same fight over and over. He always fights with her and pressures her out into doing things she doesn't wanna do for his own personal gain. He makes her cry and she don't realize what she did wrong but she never does anything wrong. When she sees him once in a while he pushes her or hits her and then claims that it was "a joke" and he didn't mean it. She isn't allowed to go anywhere without his permission or else he thinks she's cheating. Thoughout all this she still stays.. because she loves him. It's come to the point that she lost friends and respect from peers and family because she still remains with this evil jerk who is ruining her life completely. The worst part is that whenever her family or friends or me try to explain to her why she should leave this guy... she snaps completely and says that we're all jealous and that eventually they will be happy together when they get married. She's completely depressed and won't be happy with her life unless things are good between her this boy. I'm not sure what I can possibly do to get through to her.. I swear she's suffering and this boy doesn't act like he loves her at all. At least not from what I seen or hear about the way he treats her and the things he does to her.


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  • Intervene, if you believe he is abusive then try to engineer her into a position where she dumps him.


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