Is it wrong to talk to him when he's in a relationship?

He's my really good friend. We had a lot of chemistry in freshman year and we where supposed to go out but I ended up going out with another guy because I didn't know he liked me. I've known him for 4 years and we just recently confessed everything we wanted to tell each other a year later. Apparently he liked me so much and wanted to go out with me. He tells me I'm pretty all the time. My ex was abusive and my friend is so sweet and nice. If only I waited... Well anyway. He has a girlfriend, and from what he tells me they never talk. She doesn't respect him, but he doesn't care unless he makes her happy because he's just so sweet. We are going to a party (together). So is it wrong to have intentions of kissing him at the party? He tells me his girlfriend hugs and goes with guys all the time. What I'm getting out of this is that she doesn't care for him, she is also 2 years younger. They haven't kissed they don't hold hands they've dated for 3 weeks

so am i wrong to have a crush on him? Am I wrong to want to kiss him at the party? we text all day. Should I stop?

The party is in 3 weeks so there is still time for them to work things out...


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  • Of course it's wrong sweetie. I understand you may have some feelings for this guy and your feelings are a beautiful thing, but in spite of those feelings or whatever past the two of you may have, you do not reserve the right to violate anyone else's relationship. If she doesn't care about him and his relationship sucks, then the two of them need to break up on their own time. If they aren't happy together or care for each other they need to come to that decision on their own not from the pressure of outside forces. If you really cared about this guy you would support him in whatever decision he makes so whether that's letting her go or trying to work it out, you should be there for him and not intrude. If you can't help yourself maybe the party isn't the right place for you but please don't be the girl that moves in on taken guys. Those girls are sickening.


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  • Yes, it's still wrong.
    Of he isn't happy, he should break up, not fool with other girls behind her back.

    You should stop.👍

  • Wait till he breaks up...


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