Does my step cousin want me?

When I was 16, my also 16 year old step cousin started flirting with me very openly. Playing footsy with me, trying to get me to touch her butt, and saying things like "I'm gonna be wearing your sweater in the morning." This year I've seen her a few more times. In June I saw her again. She looked really really really good. This is gonna sound weird, but while watching a movie with her, I got a (you know) and she just stared at it. Then she walked a little bit away, and kinda like, showed her ass of to me. She's at my house right now. While here, I was sitting down the long way on the floor, and she had her feet spread out. Her foot was right next to my (you know) and she didn't move if. I don't feel like it's a coincidence. Then she always gives me this look, that says she likes me ( I can tell because the eyes are the windows to the soul). Plus one time while playing cards, she said "I want it" and I replied "you want that thing?" And she said "yes I want that thing" which made me laugh and her laugh, because it just sounded like she was saying I want your (you know). Today she was next to me, and she was low key touching me with her foot on my arm, and I was touching her Foot back. I looked at her also and she gave me a super seductive look. Call me crazy, but do you thjnk she likes me. Because sometimes she gives me mix d signals like she doesn't like me, but always bounces back to flirting. I know, my step cousin, it's weird, but I don't feel bad because we're not blood. But what do you think, does she like me or is she just flirting? Also one time, I like took hold of her arms, and moved my lips right above her skin from her collar bone to the top of her neck/ear. She just smiled at me and acted as if nothing happened to our family


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  • If she's a step cousin you're not technically related so it's ok, just make sure your family's ok with that too they might be a bit uncomfortable with it

    • Okay thanks! But do you think that she LIKES ME AT ALL? Lol

    • I think she does

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