So, what should I do now?

Well, I decided about two years ago that being nice didn't work with women, and I realize a year ago that I was too unstable too and too, I dunno, independent (I didn't want to be someone I'm not) to play the whole charismatic, confident piece of shit card, so, I started making my personality mimic my actual emotions (over the summer). Of course, I now have a near perpetual scowl, often look aggressive, or apathetic at the very least, and, while I enjoy finally getting to show the world how I feel (I usually shoot an angry look at dumb girls that shoot mocking looks at me), it has made me unapproachable. Even so, I don't know if it matters, because, apparently, humans have magic tucking powers and they can just sense the anger and malevolence inside of me. What should I do?


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  • That is never good to be angry all the time. Girls do not want agressiveness, they want a confident, nice guy that knows how to dress and knows how to manage a conversation. I have very few freinds and am shy but I know how to make a first impression girls will never forget. That is the key. It is cool to be dark and mysterious but be approachable and make your darkness look artsy. Girls dont want guys that look angry all the time. It is more attractive to look depressed than angry. I feel shitty a lot but I manage it and while I wish I was dealt a better hand, I have to float on and you do too. Just dress nice, smile and talk to a girl you like make the convo about her and keep the convo short. That is my advice

  • Why are you so mad all the time?


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