How can I date a sea captain?

Seacaptain. com is fake! How can I meet a sea captain locally? I am being serious here, I really admire the discipline and determination sea captains have. It must have been very hard to graduate into large Cruise ships.


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  • This is an awesome question. Best answer I can give is maybe hang out at some sort of sea captains' club? Do they even have those?

    • Those clubs actually exist? How can I go and meet a maritime student without looking strange? I can't just go into the maritime college and meet them.

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    • Hmmm.. okay.

      Let me think on this. There has to be a place to meet sea captains.

      While I'm thinking about it, where do pilots go to meet other pilots?

    • It's so easy. To go for a pilot, you just sign up for a flying school and go on from there. Since they aren't allowed to drink, there are no bars near the training airports. And it's hard to identify since you can't wear your uniform out of the training area.

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    • Haha nice! I wish being a pirate is still a profession. Would sound unpredictable and fun.

  • Hang out near maratime college bars

    • Thanks! I might just do that. But how do I know if they are sailors or not? Some of them may lie to take advantage of the situation. Unfortunately, I know nothing about maritime to back me up.

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