Is she just being really friendly and I am reading too much into it or does she like me?

A year ago I went to a speed dating night on valentines in a group of girls ( I was the only guy ) and met my current friend. We got talking and hit it off straight away as we had lots in common.

I contacted her afterwards to arrange follow up dates for coffee locally and we got to know each other further. After what I assumed was a few dates ( Rock Climbing and other Adventure activities ) I asked her where she saw us going forward to which she replied that she thought we were good friends and activity partners and that she does not think it would be more. I later found out that she had just started seeing a work colleague at the time.

Because of this I put aside my feelings carried on being her friend and activity partner and tried to move on without any success, she had a bad break up with the guy at Christmas and from what she tells me and says she is now over him.

We have been spending a lot more time together since her breakup and since then another friend outright told her I had feelings for her, she said she never mentioned this to me as she thought I would be embarrased but did not mention that wer were just friendsand nothing more. We often also go for walks or sit under the stars for hours talking about anything and everything. I get mixed messages from her Body Language all the time when we are out talking for a coffee.

She constantly fiddles with her hair ( puts it up, puts it down, runs her fingers through it etc ), I have caught her smiling and staring at me and we do stare into each others eyes for a while as well and seen her running her hand up and down her drinks glass. However, in the same evening she also crosses her legs and folds her arms and leans back in her chair as well and looks all around the room.


When she has come over to my flat I have noticed that when her legs are crossed her feet point at me, and sometimes she turns her body and leans her head on her hands when we chat, but she always sits on the other sofa to me and other times she corsses her legs, faces away from me and has her arms folded as well.
Continued further...

I have noticed recently that she puts a lot of smiley blushing faces in her messages to me when we talk but I have noticed that I initiate 80% of the conversations and when I dont message her for a day she texts me asking if all OK. Then on some days we are talking and she is saying hello mate.


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  • Ask her. Simplest answer. Don't try to judge her body language or be a mind reader. Just ask.


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