Girls, what does "cute" mean to you? Specifically in the context of a guy's appearance, what would a cute guy be?

Read this first, especially if you think cute just means good looking:

eing cute means having a youthful/juvenile apperance. Retaining characteristics into adulthood that would be asociated with someone younger. This is why it's good for women to be cute or neotenous. (To an extent.)

So girls when you use "cute" to describe a guy, do you mean it literally that he actually is cute/neotenous, or do you mean he's attractive/good looking but not literally cute.
  • I'm too lazy to think about this properly. I think it's good for a guy to be 'cute'.
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  • I'm too lazy to think about this properly. I think it's a bad thing for a guy to be 'cute'.
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  • If I call a guy cute I mean that he's attractive/good looking, not literally cute.
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  • If I call a guy cute I mean it literally, he is actually neotenous in appearance.
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  • I don’t usually use this adjective when complimenting a guy, but when I do call a guy cute I do it because he has this kind of young, boyish kind of look. Better said, he has a baby face. But some girls use this attribute when they feel trapped. For example when a girl is talking to a guy, and the guy compliments her, the girl will feel the need to give the compliment back (girl thing). Now, maybe the guy isn’t exactly her type, so she will use cute or nice, to not hurt his feelings. But being cute, in the literally sense of the word, is not a bad thing.


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  • I honestly think you are worrying too much about it. If a girl calls you cute, hot, good looking, fine etched out of the blue she likes you. However if you ask for her opinion on your appearance (and she isn't your gf) then she might use any of those words to avoid hurting your feelings. No one can pin whether or not someone is attracted on one word

    • What would you mean by cute though? Baby faced?

  • My answer could sometimes be #3 and sometimes #4 but it's a good thing either way. I say that Channing tatum is cute for example but he isn't neotenous in appearance, he's just attractive. I'm trying to start using "handsome" instead though.

    • Being neotenous can be good in your view?

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    • Okay. Thanks for answering.

    • You're most welcome! =D

  • I never call guys cute. I say hot, handsome, good looking, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous but never cute.

    • If you heard a guy described as cute, what would you conclude about his appearance?

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    • That's what I would have expected most girls to say, I'm not sure if the others are atypical or just trying to be kind.

    • I think I may be the atypical one here. I'm never on the same page as women..

  • When a call a guy cute, I mean exactly that. He's cute. I think he's attractive. I think people overthink the word cute.

    • Did you vote?

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    • A, C or D?

      Does "cute" imply that the guy is neotenous to you? (Or could a guy with particularly masculine facial features look cute to you?)

    • It just means he's cute. I picked C. People overthink this word. It means you're attractive. It's a compliment. Don't overanalyze it.

  • If a say a guy is cute, it either means that he did something that I consider "cute", or that he looks nice in a boyish way, but I don't find him sexually attractive.

    • Looks nice in a non-attractive way? Sort of like a puppy or kitten?

      So it would be bad news for a guy if he looked cute to you?

    • Yeah, sort of. I'm attracted to "men" rather that "guys", so yes, it'd be bad news for him. Most young girls prefer "cute" ones though, so I'd say you're good.

    • I'm only 21 though, so the young girls who see me as old enough are likely underage.

  • When I say that a guy is cute, it usually means that he is cute in a baby-face way.

    • So it's a bad thing then? (Or not a good thing anyway.)

  • Well if I call a guy cute it means he's attractive

    • Well attractive to me at least

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    • You grew out of it though? (Do you still consider him attractive, or have your tastes changed now that you're older?)

    • I find the younger Leonardo Di Caprio (the time when he filmed Titanic) really good looking. Now though, I don't find him that attractive. I wouldn't say I grew out of liking cute guys but my "taste" in guys broadened. I find cute guys attractive and manly guys attractive too.

  • I usually call someone cute when I find them really fugly but don't want to hurt their feelings.

  • I think cute is saved more for the boy next door kinda guy.

    • Baby faced/young looking? Or something else? (Just slightly plain looking?)

  • To me cute is a good thing. If I call a guy cute, it's probably because he's adorable, good looking etc. But also... to me it means he has a great personality too!

  • I will say a guy is cute cuz I dont want to say outloud what I really think. So for me Cute= Amzing, hot, handsome, funny every great quality.

    • You don't associate it with being baby faced? (Or neotenous in appearance.)

    • Well not really I just say this cuz I would be embarrassed to say I think that guys is hot and sexy.

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