H e refused to see me?

I recently contacted this guy and i he was angry at me, i asked to see him but he refused, he said that i almost ''made'' it but i was weak and wished me happy life. Now before this, i did say i was going to chill with another guy a few months back and told him to get away (he said i was just an option) so i got pissed and lied that i was going off to see someone else, he took it seriously got pissed and never spoken to me since. We werent in a relationship so he had no right to claim me?


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  • You were not in a relationship, he had "no right to claim you" but you got angry for only being an option?
    I smell some hypocrisy.

    • he kept treating me as an option that he had more girls, so i said i have other dates if i want too, he literally filled me neck with hickeys as if i was his property

    • then he said ''dont assume your already in and estimate your place in the piramid''

    • Well that is just shitty then, you don't need that.

What Girls Said 1

  • just ignore him.


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