Guys, Shy guys are you nervous when you're on a date?

Guys I was out for a coffee with my crush and he seemed really nervous. So I mentioned that I went on holiday to Spain, and his contribution to the conversation was 'oh I know a girl in Spain and she says she wants to wait for me and marry me. I actually have a few girls that want to marry me. but I don't want to get married'
Why would he say that? Is he worried that I want to marry him too? We haven't even kissed lol
was he just nervous?


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  • 1. The answer to your question here is a double edged sword. The meaning could be any of these
    1.1. What he says is a fact (I know cause I have tons of such girls and situation - believe me though for other guys it's an awesome thing, it makes life miserable for the guy at the epicenter)
    1.2. He's playing around just to impress that he wants a relationship and / or sex but not marriage
    1.3. He's testing the waters for your reaction to such a statement
    1.4. He has self esteem issues (that may not be visible to generic public and friends) hence is trying to boost himself up cause he's nervous


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  • hmmm, that's kind of weird, but yes, nervousness is to be expected and can result in someone saying some pretty stupid crap, like what he said. Just ignore it and go on with whatever you were going to next.

    • I know, I can't think why he'd want me to know unless he really doesn't like me?

    • Really I don't think that he said it cause he's not interested in you, it kind of sounds like he's trying to prove he is worthy. Albeit, that's one of the stupidest things I could think to say. If you are interested, ignore what he said or think of it that he is cute to be nervous around you.

    • Thank you, that's very sweet of you. Could you check out the latest happening? I saw him again today and I'm still overthinking everything...

  • Expect people to say and do weird things on a first date, I myself have had some real bloopers. The rarer someone gets a date the more nervous and worked up they get. C'est la vie

    • I was wondering about that. Or else he wanted to let me know he's not interested? But from his usual ways I really think he is. It's all very strange...

  • when I was younger. now I find myself to be more aloof

    • So what would you make of this? He's 31...

    • minimal experience with women.

    • Yep I think you're right. He says he's had girlfriends but doesn't tell me any details. Plus he's a Muslim and generally quite observing so I'm suspecting he hasn't had much experience...

  • He wants to show that he is pre-selected maybe, and that he has options... quite a bad move I'll say

    • Yep I really didn't know what to make of it. I thought he wanted to let me know he's not really interested in me? But then his other behaviour doesn't really show me that at all. Strange?

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