Guys, do you think this "tease" will work?

So me, my 4 friends, and all of our boyfriends are all abstaining from sex until marriage. Yet, we still like to have a little fun with teasing.

Every Saturday night we have some type of talent show for fun at my house. Last weekend was the boys turn in which they sang to us "I'll Make Love To You". We all slowdanced and then it brokeout into a makeout party lol.

So this weekend is the girls turn, and we have a little screen dance routine in mind. We plan to seat all the guys.

Guys, do you think this

Guys, do you think this "tease" will work?

Come on y'all...


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  • That certainly would be a tease I'd say. If you are trying to get the guys turned on (aka teased), I think that would work. Often times, the most dirty thing is the imagination of the mind, so I think this would work.

    I'd say go for it.


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