HELP! I need help with my crush?

Hi everyone! I really like this pretty Spanish exchange student in my class. I sat beside her in one class and I helped her with the work because it was difficult for her and she's really sweet but the teacher has everyone moved now so on Monday the small chances I get to talk to her I don't really know what to say, can anyone help me? Your advice really helps :)


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  • you should just start with small talk, ask her about her weekend, things like that. then when you get the courage, ask her about herself, get to know her, and then even ask her on a date where you two could just sit down and talk c: but get to know her, you never know what might happen

    • That's good advice thank you. When should I compliment her? And like how

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  • It doesn't matter what you talk about as long as you talk. Interaction is all you need to gauge whether you think she likes you back. Then eventually you ask her out.


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  • Tell her she's pretty and you like her!


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