I like this guy and he likes me but he doesn't want a relationship right now? Any advice?

I met this guy 6months ago and we liked eachother from the start. He likes me in that way but I really really really like him. Like so much more. We've done couple things and acted like one. We go out to places, adventures we call them and out to eat (not really fancy tho) but I've only ever mentioned being serious twice. His last girlfriend messed him around and barely spoke to him and was quite rude. He's scared of relationships all together. He tells me he wants to focus on his goals and his studies. I completely understand. He's rejected every girl before me and I'm probably the luckiest to get a few kisses and sleepovers (not in that way though) and he's told people he wants to be with me but he can't take the hurt and from past experiences he knows they just end badly. I never want to lose him even as a friend or just a person in my life. He's never ever been horrible and if he has he will apologise straight away and be upset for ages about what he's said. Some days he does push me away though and it makes me want to cry. Very confusing person. Whenever I tell him about moving on he gets upset but whenever I'm with him I feel happy but it's almost like a dead end. It's just sad because how much longer will we be in this fake relationship until we just get bored? I can't take him seriously when I mention it he goes so awkward and he doesn't feel comfortable with the subject. His friends tell me he only wants some fun and a person so make memories with, but once you've acted like a boyfriend it's all I can think about advice?:( maybe I should try to push away and see what he does?:( he doesn't show his emotions he's so good at acting like he doesn't care when I know he does.


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  • I don't see this working out. He sounds like a very unstable person who may need more than time to recover. Just don't pine for something that is unrealistic. If you do get a relationship, it could be damaging for both of you. It is best for him to focus on other things, and best for you to stay out of his unstable situation. I know that's not what you want to hear, but I wouldn't want you to become hurt pursuing an unrealistic relationship.


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