Im the one who asks my girl out?

Since we got together (2 weeks ago) I am the one to propose for a date. She knows my program has much space. And she's very interested I know that. And shyness or something like that is not a problem. She has admitted that she's very at ease with me and around me. Why doesn't she ask me too?


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  • she feels its your "job".

    • is it fair?

    • Relationships are not "fair". There will be times that you need her to carry your weight. If you need a relationship that is exactly 50/50, you aren't ready to date.

    • Are you really 14? lol ok thanks

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  • That's how dating works, 99% of the time anyway. Just get used to asking her out. If you aren't willing to keep doing it, you need a different kind of girl (in the 1 percent).

    • So girls expect the guy to make the move? Even when they are together?

    • Yes, often times. She's probably at her phone, waiting for you to ask. Just the way it works

    • okay thanks!

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  • Social conventions dictate that. Give it some more time.

    • Explain social conventions please :)

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    • No no I just didn't understand the term. Hmm okayy I get it. So what should I do? Just give it some time?

    • Sure, just let it be.

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