Guys, do today in our younger generation.. boyfriend and girlfriend call each other or just text one another? How do u know ur boyfriend loves ypu?

My boyfriend always seems that i have to take initiative... To say hi... Ask if he wants to meet.. And it seems whenever we meet he wants his sexual desires filled...

I honestly love and care about him.. But am i taken for a ride here been dating for 9 months.. Calls me his girl and asked me just two days ago if. Saw this relationship lead to marriage and i said i did...

So what is he doing?


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  • That he needs to contribute more to the relationship, because it looks one sided to me.

    And i try and see her often, and do whatever the hell we want, or if we can't meet, for being busy, or whatever il drop a text once a day to let her know I'm thinking of her. And further texts/call if we decide to do it.

    • Exactly but he doesn't do it unless i do.. Busy liking girls pics on instagram...

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    • And you have been together for 9 months. Well that is a full of sh*t, and stupid excuse. He is not worth your time and effort whatsoever, YOU NEED to end it with him, because he is just using you and treating you like shit.

    • I dunno if he is not messaging bc iasked about his bbq event which takes place in the evening. im not sure.. But he is sure selfish...

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