Should I ask my long distance boyfriend if he thinks our relationship is worth holding on to?


I am in a new relationship and it is a long distance one. We kind of rushed into it and therefore there was no real "relationship talk". I know get the need to make sure we are on the same page. I am investing so many thoughts and feelings in this relationship and could even imagine a future with him. There are lots and lots of obstacles we are facing every day, but because I feel so strongly about him I am willing to stand strong and face it with him.

I also know that he has some serious feelings for me as well. He texts me everyday, he flew across the world just to see me for a few days, he spends a lot of money for me in form of gifts or flights, he tells me every day that he misses me and would like to be with me forever.

Yes, these are real signs in my eyes that he is very serious about it, but there was no " i love you" (we know each other for only 2 months) or a sign that there is light at the end of the tunnel for us in form of getting together.

Do you guys think I should tell him that I feel a lot for him and that he mean so much to me? And that I need to be sure that he is feeling the same and believes that it is worth facing all the obstacles of a long distance relationship. All I need to hear are his "intentions" with me, because keeping up a long distance relationship forever isn't possible. What do you guys think?

thanks a lot 💟


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  • I think you are rushing and still in the infatuation phase. Just ask him if he would like to be exclusive with you.

    • we are exclusive already :) and i know that i am rushing and being pushy, but i have so much on my mind :(

    • It's ok, you are just excited.

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  • Well just give a little more time see how he goes with before getting further

  • i think you should just end it.

    • why do you think that?

  • It seems a bit rushed for that talk but then again the two of you rushed into this so everything is accelerated. Have the conversation if it will ease your mind

    • thank you! i'll think about a decent way to bring up that topic

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