Why doesn't he text me much?

Been seeing this guy for about 3 weeks now, it's been great so far. We get on really well, always talking and laughing! I've already met his friends last week at a house party and also went clubbing with them in the weekend. I really like this guy, he's very passionate around me and told me he likes being with me etc and it just feels amazing! but one thing that bothers me is that we have amazing times when together but when it comes to texting he's rubbish. Unless we're arranging to meet up. He just doesn't text me much when we're not together and feels like he keeps me hanging sometimes.. waiting to hear from him. It comes across he isn't interested in me enough. Am I over worrying?


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  • Some guys don't like to text and prefer to talk in person or a phone call, I think you might be worrying a little bit which is fine but I don't think you have anything to worry here

  • dont worry so much.


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