First date pep talk?

Kinda freakig and getting nervous because haven't been on a date in like 2 years and tonight I'm finally going on one again and nervous please advice help kind words etc would be nice ☺️


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  • @joahz10nt we should be on one soon ma LUV 🌹

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    • i am so mad right now :( okay, so last week my phone was acting really dumb!! i could not send nor recive messages nor calls nothing!! i was phoneless... so today, i bought a new phone that was $535 and then guess what happen? my old phone worked :/ hate that

    • @joahz10nt that is what u called 'Magic'. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ well u dont really need a fone to set up a HAWT date with meh. A computer should do it juz fine 😘 but daaayum! U couldve got a cheaper one :I

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  • Don't be nervous! Just be yourself. He likes you. You know he likes you already. Don't be scared.


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  • be yourself and im sure he will love you (:


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