What do you guys mean when you say "I'm not ready to date right now"?

"I'm not really ready to start dating right now, but when I am I'll definitely think about you". (He broke up with his girlfriend around 2 weeks before I told him my feelings.)

I'm also good friends with his best guy and he says that "He loves me a lot but not like that and he still wants to be my friend and that he's a little use to girls telling they like him". He said I was a "special girl" and just to give it a little time.

So what does this all mean? What do I do now?

p.s - I know this is a little stupid, but I think my race has a little bit to do with this, because I live in a mostly Caucasian neighborhood and I am of black race. I'm not sure if that has to do with anything but my aunt told me that at my young age it's a cultural thing in dating.


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  • Race has nothing to do with it..I'm mexican/frech...and a good portion of my girlfriend were black...dude just wants to be single..some guys don't want to be tied down they want to party and there teens years


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