What to do when he went out for dinner alone with his female friend on a Friday night?

They've been friends for 12 years and kissed when they met as they were drunk, he claims that they have never dated.

We met 3 months ago and been dating exclusively since, the longest he had was 6 months he said he can see us clashing in a few ways in long term but he wants to keep pursueing it. However I don't think his words are matching as he hasn't taken me out for a proper date like the dinner he has with his friend... We are mainly staying in or he takes me to watch he play team spots.

His teammates and roomates knows we are dating but I don't hang out with them, He also said no girls ever spend that much time with him in the past, We usually spend over 24 hrs together on the weekend.

I found out he was with her last night. He told me he went for dinner. so I asked who was he with, I just want to see if he would be honest about it but he hasn't replied.. Should I leave him? and make him own his shit? or simply say things are not working out?
Now he is offering to see me on Sat night probably not for sex as he Knows I'm sick and won't be down for any actions


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  • What's the problem here? Did he cancel on you and went for dinner with her?

    • No we didn't have plans that night. then he spend time with me 4 days in a roll

    • Stop being paranoid and enjoy your time with him

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  • Just leave him.

    If he asks why, say it's not working out.

    And then end of conversation.

    • he just responded and told me he was with her

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    • Do you want him to make the decision or do you want to make the decision and let him choose what he wants?

    • That sounds good if it's the first. Send it.

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  • That's odd on a Friday night if your his girlfriend and didn't take you, maybe it isn't working out

    • I was sick last night.. also we never hung out with each other's friend. I guess I should just tell him things are not working out?

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    • I don't know but it never seems to work out when a guy has a girl as friends while trying to have a steady girlfriend

    • thye have 12 years history, i'm not sure how ultimatium would work wtih him?

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  • leave him!


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