I can't tell if a guy is really friendly or flirty. What do you think?

I met him a few weeks ago at an audition, he was really nice and cool, I definitely noticed him. The next week 60 people were cut from the audition and he and I both made the callbacks. He was always around and sang for me, asked me questions, and was just really cute and funny. I'm not the type to date a lot of people and I really like this guy and everything about him, and I've never felt that way. He's always trying to make me laugh, and I just kind of notice his presence quite a bit lately. He's a very nice person in general and I can't tell if he's just really nice or flirting. I really haven't known him long and this is just a completely new feeling for me. Ps: He's not very active on social media, but I found his instagram, would it be weird if I followed?


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  • If he is interested he will make it know sooner or later


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