What do you do when you have been talking to/dating a person and it comes up they so drugs?

Ok perhaps you yourself party. Let's say you don't. Let's say that craziest you get is a couple of shots of Kaluha or a single beer or glass of wine here and there. Not even 420 for personal reasons, not ideological reasons. This is the only dealbreaker that has come up. Do you say "sorry this isn't a match because you di drugs?"
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  • 420 is OK but I don't indulge
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  • It's their life not mine
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They DO drugs 😕
I personally am all for 420 legalization but personally don't get along with people who are stoned all the time. I'm talking about things harder than 420 or people who can't get through the day not stoned.


Most Helpful Guy

  • When you say they do drugs, do you mean he smokes pot once in a while or he does heroin everyday?

    • One cocaine (and acts like it is frequent)
      Another LSD and mushrooms (and acts like it is frequent)

    • Another one once who did crack and meth. That was clearly bad.

    • I would not touch them with a 10 foot pole. Eventually their addiction ends up costing more than they make and they eventually borrow money that you'll never see again. They bring you into their descent. I would stay away

Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't date drug users. I don't care what drug it is. I'm out


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  • It's their life not mine... I'm out, I'm not wasting my time trying to convince them of their mistakes. Someone who does drugs does not have a mental compatibility with me to begin with.

  • 420 is okay for me


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