Does she like me?

So i am friends with a female who at first i thought was attractive but didn't really have feelings for. We ended up getting pretty close and im starting to catch feeling but I don't know for sure if she is too and i dont want to ruin this good friendship. We were snapchatting and she made a tweet sayin you are attractive af. She told me she liked me a lot i took it friend wise. A silly kid that stalks her sort of was asking her to hoco and she told me what should i say i told her tell him im taking you and she was ok with it later makin an tweet sayin ty for stalking me😍 she asked me why i trust her and what not. Also she was really haply when i told her if no one asked her to hoco i would do a cool hoco proposal like she's always wanted and she was ecstatic. Now this is all good evidence but when asked before we got close if we were dating she said we were best friends so what do i do
This all happened within a week aswell


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  • You're friend zoned dude


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