OMG was that a date?

I'm sorry I know this story will be long but bare with me I really need you guys help! (And by the way sorry if there is misspelles)

So recently I started a new school.
In my class there's this guy who's talked to me a few times before, but last Friday he wrote to me on Facebook asking what I was doing and if I wanted to do something on Saturday. I wanted to be nice so I said sure and asked what we would do. He answered saying that he hadn't really thought it through but that we could like watch Netflix.

At this point I wasn't really sure where he lived so I asked and it turns out that he lives almost 2hours away from me. I know it sounds sketchy to go home to I guy that lives that far away and I bearly know but I couldn't say no now so I went for it.

When I was there it was kinda awkward sometimes but we watched Netflix as promest and I think I got to know him a little better.

But all along I thought I was there as a friend and nothing more. But here a some things that made me think the opposite:

When i I got home he randomly texted me "cute 😊", I just wrote "?" And he said "you😊".

When we wrote on Facebook he used a lot of emojis especially theses 😄😝😊

He was joking a lot and overall was really cute.

When we watched the movie we was sitting in his bed. And one time he layed down sideways with his feet away from me and his head almost touching my thigh.

But even tho tese seam convincing I'm not really sure because back in school we didn't really talk and he hasn't talked to me on Facebook after that.

So sorry again for the long story and misspells but I really wanted to get as much information in so it would be easier for you guys to understand what's going on and hopefully help me with this. So do you think he likes me or not, did I lead him on or gave him the wrong message because I was overly nice and laughed a lot or do you think anything else?
Does anyone else have an option?
Some people think that he just tried to hook up with me but what do you think?


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  • He was hoping for sex. He might be a jerk and not as interested now if you didn't give it to him.

    • He didn't seem like that kind of guy 😕 but yeah you could be right. Well thanks for your answer.

    • They never do honey :/

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