What does it mean why a girl from online says the following to me?

We have been talking to each other for the past two days. We talked about our past relationship and hobies and stuff so when I ask her for her number, she told me this

Me: May I have you number?
Her: Yeah of course, but just to warn you I'm looking for friendship right now. So getting to know each other sounds great.

What does this mean? That she doesn't want to get in a relationship with me or she wants to become friends first before getting into a relationship. She also told me that she takes relationship really seriesly and she is picky with her next boyfriend. Should I continue talking with her to be her friend first or just quit it? I have never been friend with a girl before becoming her boyfriend so this way is completly new to me. Need some suggestion, thanks


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  • It means she's not looking for a relationship right now. She's just looking for friendship right now, so if you do text her, it will just be as friends for the near future. She could change her mind later on, but for right now, just friendship.


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  • If you're interested in dating and/or a relationship, this isn't the girl for you. Delete her phone number.


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  • It means that she's not interested in dating right now. She wants to be a single lady (happy birthday, by the way, to Queen B) and she's not looking for a boyfriend. She could change her mind in the future, but that has more to do with herself rather than you.


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