Girls, What would you do if u had an unsociable boyfriend and you're an outgoing girl?

okay so this might sound pretty dumb but there's a thing. my bestie and her boyfriend are those kinds of people who like to joke around and i've known his boyfriend for 2 year , basically eversince they started dating and he's always so comfortable with me and we joke around so much. but like 2months ago when we went out and i wanted to introduce him to my friends almost everything went wrong :/ im kinda an outgoing girl and I have a good sense of humor but my boyfriend got offended when my bestie's boyfriend was joking with me ( we were like roasting each other lol ) and we could all feel it. he was frowning the whole time.
but there's still another issue we've never kissed each other until then and he was trying to kiss me in the car while my friends were in and I hate kissing while others are around we talked about it and he aplogized but eh he's very quiet and not so sociable. i like him and he treats me like a princess ( bc im a princess lol jk ) and makes me happy but my friend told me that i can do way better than him well she wants me to date this fuckboy that used to be my friend. like he might not be the hottest boy arround me but he makes me so happy and truly loves me. but still it bothers me that we can't have a double date :( what should i do? for sure i'm not breaking up with him over this but any advice to make him more sociable?


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  • Nothing you can do - can't change him.
    Try to incorporate him in your social life but understand he most probably will not like it or even strictly dislike it because he isn't like that.

    Just accept him for who he is. It will be much easier on both of you.

    About your friend - she sounds terribly superficial and selfish - not even bothering to find out from you why you love your boyfriend and if he can't speak for himself let you speak for him on what kind of a person he is.

    As for the kissing part - sounds very awkward. Maybe he has Aspergers? He would kiss you in a social setting but won't interact in a social setting with others? Sounds like he might be socially inept - and sounds like he isn't going to want to change that.
    Your only option is either to accept it or move on.

    I don't think any other solution will be a permanent one - he'll just go back to being unsociable in a couple of days time.

  • Doesn't sound like you have coinciding personalities I would personally end it.


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