I feel like im an idiot for still going on this date with him after he was late?

So I planned this date with this guy, I didn't hear anything from him when we had plans to meet.. but 45 min after he messaged me saying he left his phone at a friends house and that it took a while to find it and that he was sorry. Apprantly he is on his way , but I feel like im an idiot for still going on this date with him.. am I Just overreacting?


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  • I know you're probably disappointed.
    But accidents happen.
    I'm pretty sure next time... he'll be punctual.

    I applaud that he contacted you anyway (despite the time), and still wants to go out with you (rather than putting it off).
    He apologized... and wants to make things right.
    You'll probably enjoy his company so much that you'll forget that he was late.

    As long as it wasn't intention... I don't think you should see this as a negative thing.
    I can't tell you how many times things happened to me that I didn't plan.
    Don't feel like an idiot.
    Enjoy your date!

    • *intentional

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    • I dont know. . Im Just a bit irritated atm. ..

    • I know you are.
      But what harm do you have in giving a second chance?
      You have nothing to lose that this point.

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  • you're overreacting!

  • Give him a chance never know!

    • We used ages to get here and on top of that he asked if we could do it tomorrow instead.. so I told him I dont have time.. then he wanted to watch a movie togheter tonight, but I told him I already made New plans.. its just no exceptable to wait over 1 1/2 hour on a guy

    • Well honestly things do happen but sounds like you already made your choice...

    • He could have messaged me telling me there was issues. He never said sorry for being so late, I didn't even get an explaination..

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