I'm in the process of being rejected?

But you know what, it feels good because at least I've tried
It's better than wondering 'what if', right?


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    Very good.
    I am proud of you.

    The outcome isn't the factor... it's the fact that you had the amount of courage to do it in the first place.


    • I'm proud of myself, it's the first time I've been properly rejected (outside of a club environment) for someone I had real feelings for. She was a close friend. She was acting ambiguously despite being in a relationship (formerly a long term fwb). I don't honestly believe her because of the way she's acted but I'll take what she's said at face value for the sake of moving forward.

      I just hope she leaves these strange signals behind or I'll have to stop being friends with her altogether.

      But now I feel free and able to go and get rejected more until eventually I'll get someone who does want to be with me. Think I'm right in saying that the first one feels the worst

    • Wow that's a very positive outlook. You sound very mature. I wish more people handled rejection the way you do

    • I'm a mature guy and people around me know that too.

      The lowdown is we shared a kiss 4 months ago in a club. In our friendship group, she was sleeping with someone for 2 years (only when drunk). I felt paralyzed to make a move, so didn't.

      But it's been eating at me and today I finally plucked up the courage to talk about it. She said it did mean something but it was hard for me to act on the kiss.

      She didn't mention about wanting anything more. It wasn't an outright rejection but it's basically, 'look, it was 4 months ago, I know it was hard for you to get involved but I'm with him now'.

      Done. I wanted an answer, and whilst it wasn't a direct rejection, it's basically saying we're not going anywhere, at least right now.

      Well, I'm not hanging around love, but I'm kind of glad I've experienced what it's like to not be wanted in the way you want her.

      She must know I want her otherwise I wouldn't have brought it up! lol

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  • How are you in the process of being rejected? It's a swift act. Either it has happened or it hasn't.


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  • good for you! dont let it bring you down :D its nice to see somebody positive around here! thats good, that means you will move on quickly and not be all down and droppy about it :D

  • Remember at the end of the day who is in control of turning your sitituation into a good one? You are and you should always stay positive no matter what and have a great day☺☺☺☺!

  • Good for you. What's your question?

  • okay.. good.. bravo.. now where is the question?

  • Have you really tried?

    • Yup, she's going through the motions to say there's nothing there. It's via text

    • Words and actions are totally two different things sometimes. I'm sorry to hear it though. I'm sure u will find a nice girl that deserves being with you.

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  • How do you know you'll be rejected?

    • because she's now in a relationship

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    • I was agreeing with you.

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