Does not suggesting fancy restaurants to your partner kower your worth?


my boyfriend is middle eastern and financially better off than me. we are in a long distance relatiomship and he visited me about a week ago (*smoneys*) he paid for our drinks, dinner, snacks, entrances and all eventhough i suggested to pay at least one time for our coffees, but he didn't let me. i didn't even brought up rhe idea of going to fancy dinners or spending lots of money on things we could easily get for less, because i didn't want to come of as a gold digger or materialistic. but now i feel like i "sold myself" for cheaper than he thought and that he could think i was low maintainance and therefore less worth than a girl that has reaaaaally high standards.

i mean i accepted a really expensive gift, let him pay everything and let him fly across the continent. i just simply didn't suggest really fancy and pricey restaurants or activities, because i didn't want to make a bad, gold digger impression. do you guys think that this behavior lowers my worth?


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  • No! It makes you more down to earth, so that when you two do go to fancy restaurants it will be worth it! And you two can enjoy it, even the more wealthy people love to just chill and be laid back x


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  • Not really. I bet half the guys won't even pay. He was a true gentleman.


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