Why do my friends and family call me jealous for hating romance?

I'm not a mean guy but romance and couples and kissing just irritates me so much. Everyone calls me jealous and accuses me of badly wanting a girlfriend especially my dad and my best friend. They got me huffing and puffing sometimes bc they think I'm salty about being single but I'm really not I actually love being single and I want to keep it that way for life.
One of my mottos is single people have more money


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  • I mean... you can enjoy your life but not criticize others.
    That's why you come off as a jealous person.

    If someone is contented with the level they are at they don't feel the need to bring others down.
    Lets just say I were a janitor.
    I'm contented with my job.
    But I hate any one who makes more money than me.
    I can say..."Look, I like who I am. In fact I love me."
    But spreading messages of negativity and hate... shows otherwise.

    • You know yourself better... and although that may be true (you may not be jealous).
      You have to ask yourself, "What message am I sending to others?"

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  • Single people do not always have more money.

    • Couples have to pay for dates
      Single people dont have to pay for that so they have more money
      Couples pay $20,000+ to get married
      Single people dont have to pay for that so they have more mobey to pay for food bills and entertainment
      Couples have to pay thousands of dollas for child support and thousands more for their kid's food clothes school phone games prom etc
      Single people dont have to buy all that they save millions of hard worked money

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    • I didn't want to anyway and money should be first bc one if I do get married then have kids my wifes gonna be like "honey how come we have no car, electricity, food, or water?" & I'm gonna say to her "remember when we got married?"

    • Then what is the point of asking us these types of questions?

  • Just ignore them.


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