Am I missing a great opportunity with a great smart funny girl here?

So at my collage there is this girl that joined my settlers of cattan group (big board game). After a couple weeks of meeting I asked for her number as we had stayed after the game to talk after each game. She had to work a double at work and I invited her for a beer. She countered with dinner and we ended up playing at the attached arcade till late. I invited her to join me and my friends for game night. She asked to show up early. 3 hours as it turns out and asked to learn how to play. We talked till my friends arrived but I get the feeling that I missed my opprotunity here. Were both computer science nerds and previously all i have gotten from her is a punch to the arm and stnding near me I gues whil we talked in a group after our weekly social event. Please help I can't figure out dating like code.


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  • There is no "code" to women and dating. You missed AN opportunity, not THE opportunity. You don't even need to be hanging out. You could just catch her in between classes and then ask her if she'd like to join you for dinner and a movie (or whatever your preferred first date would be).


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