Is it a big deal if your girlfriend catches you staring at another girl? Should I do anything or leave it be?

I ask "Should i do anything?" because she didn't really say anything back to me, she just gave me a look. But however i did notice she had an attidue ever since the morning. Should i just apologize? She is my first girlfriend so i want to make sure everything is ok.


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  • She got mqd and they get jealous of that. Apologize to her.


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  • I believe you already answered your own question. Be up front and honest, that is how you'll make the relationship last.


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  • LEAVE THE LION BE! Do something to show you are sorry, but do not SAY it. Make some kind of kind gesture.

    • maybe taking her out tonight?

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    • Yeah, that seems fine. How are you two now?

    • Now we're good, no worries :)

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